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Yoga Jeans


The Canadian sensation, Yoga Jeans™, are here!

The first question people ask is: “Can you really do yoga in these jeans?” And the answer is yes! Yes, yes, yes! You can do yoga in Yoga Jeans. That’s just how stretchy and amazingly comfortable they are. But most importantly you can look sexy, hot, urban, chic, sporty, cheeky, elegant, pretty AND still be able to breathe and move freely when you wear a pair of Yoga Jeans™.

The second question people ask is: “But are they real jeans?”

Yes! They are! Real denim jeans except that the soft brushed cotton was weaved in such a way that they stretch out way more then any regular ‘ol stretch jean. The unique denim fabric that Second Clothing has develop for their Yoga Jeans retains 94% shape retention versus the industry standard of 64%. You know what that means? At the end of the end your jeans won’t be falling off your sexy hot body because they have been stretched out. No. Not gonna happen with the Yoga Jeans. Tested and proven.

Another unique feature is the 6-part waistband that follows your every move but doesn’t hug too tight -yes because of the 4 way stretch-. If you are a luscious sexy woman with a small waist and curvy hips these jeans are the answer. No more sagging at the waist: the Yoga Jeans™ are designed to hug the curve of your lower back.

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